Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Gentlemen...Start your engines!

So for quite sometime, and for a long time to come I'm sure, people just don't seem to understand my love for Nascar. I can't say I blame them, as before a simple bet I too was a guy saying "It's so stupid....a bunch of cars going in a circle, how much fun can that be?" I'm here to shed a bit of light on the issue...

I love the speed. Ever since getting behind the wheel of my dad's Bronco 2 I loved to go fast. It's exciting, and terrifying at times zipping between lanes, and racing down the straight and cuvy roads at high speeds. My days of participating have come somewhat to a close since moving to LA and owning my own car, but I have some great memories of those times.

The smell of the tires, smog and smoke, all add to the manmade excitemnent of it all. It's visceral.

The sound.... so loud and thunderous. There is such a great feeling and excitement that wells inside me when that pack of 43 cars roars past at full speed and sound.

The skill.... How many of you can drive 180mph inches from another driver, around a corner, and not A.Crash B.Crawl out of your skin or C.Wet yourself? Tell me....

The sickening amount of mass marketing. It's like a sea of twitching color and pattern at these events. Disneyland on crack, but bedecking people. It's sensory overload, and of course I get to pick my favorite colors in the mix. hehehe

And last but not least...the drivers.... I'll just let you sample some of the hotties I'm talkin about....

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