Tuesday, January 25, 2011

FU Gay. O. L.

Ok... I have a sad confession to make here.... I still have... oh god this is hard to say.... I still have an AOL email address that I have been using since the 90's as my primary email address! I know, don't even look at me i'm so ashamed! Just stone me now and let me walk the earth with my children...

Ok, so i'm a little dramatic this morning... Here's the deal: Yesterday awoke to all previous saved emails and folders completely erased from my account, and a simple email from AOL saying they are working on restoring them. GREAT! I need a lot of what I had saved up in there and now may not get it back. SO looking at the move forward and considering it Spring Cleaning time, I am shopping around for a new email platform that has a lot of good folder/ saved mail options as well as a good spam filter and user friendly function. Hotmail seems to be too old school as well and most people seem to be Yahoo or Gmail based. Any opinions? Any I should avoid like the plague? Do I dare make my new email address Zacki_sparklenipples78@unknownplatform.com?!

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