Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Drag Queens and Brazilian Food

Well last night I had a great time venturing into some new places and trying some new things. Dinner was delicious and the company was even better. If you are ever down at the Farmer's Market you need to stop by Pampas and get in line, its delicious!

After dinner we made our way up to WEHO which neither of us are usually apt to do... its kind of a Twink vs Bear/ WEHO vs Silverlake thing, but I'm really glad we did last night. We stopped in to the newly revamped Micky's for a quick drink and I must say they really did the place up great. It looks good, is much more open and friendly, and the sound system finally is up to snuff. Then, we walked around and wandered in to Rage.... ok... I used to go here when I first moved here to dance and just have some fun, but over the last few years this place was like a giant garlic clove and I am a Vampire.... BUT when you see and hear a pretty frickin' hilarious drag show going on.... you throw caution to the wind and stumble on in.

I must say I had a frickin' great time at their show. Apparently you can catch it there every Tuesday and I must say I give it a thumbs up. Below is a picture of Delta Work performing "F*ck Me when you can" a nice parody of "Get Here" by Brenda Russell. I laughed my ass off....

Over-all a stellar time on a nice temperate Tuesday Evening! :)

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