Monday, March 23, 2009

A great weekend for Zacki!

It was nice to have a weekend just roll on by at the perfect pace with lots of fun stuff to do, and some relaxation thrown in.

Friday was dinner after work with my Uncle Ken, my sis, my friend Mark, T and myself. We hit up Home in Silverlake for some really yummy foor then headed over to the Bigfoot Lodge for a cocktail or two. Since the week had really taken its toll on us, we were all pretty tired, and add into that a huge dinner and we were ready to head home a little early.

Saturday I woke up, headed back home for a quick shower before spending the day with my sister and uncle. We grabbed lunch at Litterati 2 in Century city and then headed to the Skirball Center to see a staged reading of Kenneth Lonergan's "This is our youth" starring Mark Ruffalo, Josh Hamilton, and Missy Yager. This reading was done without a set, costumes, or any kind of framework except for the actors reading and an actor off to the side creating all the sound effects from a door slam to rolling a joint. It was great to see a play pared down to this, it just shows how good the writing is and just how talented these actors are when they are simply sitting on a stool, but you aren't missing a bit of the realism and emotion. I really dug it and am totally in love with Mark Ruffalo.

After a stomach churning trip to the almighty Tommy's Burgers in Eagle Rock, we headed to the Echoplex to see the band "The Sadies" from Toronto. They were pretty great.

I liked the venue of the Echoplex, but must say I could do without the 1,000 degree temperature... it was like standing in hell's mouth with a tiny fan blowing on you intermittently while you stand and drip...

Sunday I met up with T for lunch at his place, and we headed out to the Faultline for their beer-bust LA Leather kick-off party. It was a good time. His friends were there and it was fun to see them and do some people watching. We swear we saw perfect look alikes for Morgan Freeman and the Blair Witch. After the merriment, we had some delicious yellow curry and hit the hey for some snuggle time. All in all a great weekend!

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