Thursday, January 08, 2009

A taste o' the holidays!

So my holidays were pretty damn great this year it turns out. Heading to Albuquerque was really fun. On the way out there we stopped in Phoenix and hit up a few bars, one of which was the tranny bar Cruisin' 7th where I sang a bit o Karaoke, and Charlie's where we stood in the sweltering heat and fake snow to watch a hilarious drag show that included the scariest version of "The Circle of Life" mashed up with "Do you hear what I hear".... the make-up on this bitch was outta this world and fuckin' scary people believe me!

Meeting the family was great and went well. I had a really great holidays thanks to these people, otherwise the prospect of sitting alone in LA would have been kinda gloomy this year. It's best I didn't attempt to hit Seattle this year as my sister got stuck in Oakland for a while on the way up. And the snow made it a Christmas stuck indoors. My family apparently had a great time just the same. Jen and mom did some jewelry making and my dad snoozed on the couch with a cat on each side... sounds like the usual. At T's sister's place there was a really great party the night before we left where many shots flowed and merriment was had, but when the Macarena began we knew it was time to leave.

I must note on the way back to LA, in Phoenix our room number was 227.... "Maaaary" Its just a sidenote of course for those in the know.

New years consisted of cabbing it to the regal beagle with T and meeting some friends. It was the first year in a while where the midnight kiss was more fun than just a close friend sayin' hi... Kinda nice I must add. Everybody had a good time and we heard there was some sort of fight after we left invovling a few black eyes and some people we know... Shenanigans! The next morning I was introduced to a new tradition here in LA, we went to the Roosterfish bar in Venice at 10am for free mimosas... they are free till noon and T, his roomie, me and their friend M managed to stumble out of their without our dignity around 4pm... good times, bad hangover.

Friday I saw the Reader, here's your complimentary razor blade people... and Saturday saw The Wrestler... Again, a second free razor blade for you... No more depressing movies for me right now. I'm almost jonesing for sappiness enough to watch Mamma Mia people! (Ok, I lie, I'm not that bad off....)

All in all a successful holidays and now this week I started a new movie, this one we will deem "Bars Feeds Bombs." I'm kinda bummed "Malice Fin Underhand" is over, but in 2010 people are in for a treat. Now back to work with me!

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