Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gayed out...

What a weekend it was, with all the gayness attacking the city of Los Angeles for LA Pride. I had fun helping my friends Billy and Glen with their small float for their Scuba Club the "Barnacle Busters." Over the last several weeks we had been building, sculpting, painting etc. for the build up to the parade and Sunday was the day to unveil the fruit of our efforts. I promised pictures to a few of you so here it is in all its glory before we hit the parade route dragging that puppy the 1.4 miles of the route.

If you watched, I was the dude in the cowboy hat working as the "Brake" for it holding my trusty rope and trying to avoid hitting any onlookers. Now as you look at the photo, imagine the two little scuba diver guys moving around in an automated circle, and bubbles erupting from the center. We had a nice bubble machine buried in there. I had a pretty great time. Next year, I think I'll stick to just watching the parade and getting drunk. Five thirty wake-up times, hours of standing in formation waiting and loading and unloading trucks full of weird gay stuff isn't really my thing.

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