Thursday, May 29, 2008

My 500th post...

No pressure, I've just been avoiding the blogosphere for a while now... I decided to re-up. I've been out of work for a bit and anytime I'm between shows I tend to avoid the world a tad. I have discovered in this absence that I: A. Needed a break B. Can actually accomplish things on my life list while out of work rather than hiding and skulking and C. I kinda miss lil ole blog.

A lot and not much has been going on in my absence. I know I had talked about my uncle visiting at one point and here are some pics of his trip over this way to see his "childless" niece and nephew. Seems our family only comes to visit if ya pop one out so it really meant alot to see him.

My Uncle Ken, Me and my sister Jen at The Getty

We went to the Jazz Bakery and saw the amazing Dr. Lonnie Smith and friends...what a show!

Me and Ken at the beach..

A picture of me I actually kinda dig my sister took..

I have begun to plan my next big trip to Burning Man. I know what you all are thinking, oh great more bullshit we will hear endlessly about in regards to people on stilts, fire dancers, art pieces covered in dust and you know what.... you're right. I can't lie, there will be more of that. Oh the fun to look forward to. I'll try to contain myself. hehehe

I have a new job starting soon, and its a really neat show for me to get on. I'm very excited and as always can't talk specifics, but i'm sure, to allow me to bitch about work, I'll come up with another fake name for it to clue you all in. We'll just say it rhymes with Callous Fin Underhand.

I wish for my 500th post that I had some big exploration of a part of my psyche, or some great revelation and that frankly has been holding me back from posting... Let's consider this my breaking the seal, and trudging forward. There's always going to more funny videos for me to share, wierd pictures to post, and odd topics for me to discuss so let's begin. =)


Michael said...

Welcome back, you handsome devil! :)

Snotty McSnotterson said...

I meandered in here from somewhere... I was kind of lost, and then here I was.

I like your blog!