Friday, April 11, 2008

Blather and Bosh

So the one week countdown starts today until Zacki finishes his duty on yet another Feature and begins the fun process of looking for work. (Unless they add a few days on... we'll see) Whenever I get to this point I always start to feel and think the same things "I'm never going to work again..." "I'm going to starve and die a lonely death in a ditch somewhere forgotten and yet another casualty of the LA Movie machine..." "Dear God, why can't I just have the body of a porn star and work 1 day a week." You know, the usual. As always I have put out some feelers and hopefully will hear back from some peeps who might need my help. There is another big movie coming up later this Summer I could work on so really in the meantime its about finding something to bridge the gap, unless of course something better comes along and whisks me in a new and interesting direction for my career. So if anyone out there needs a set designer/ model builder/ painter/ draftsman/ actor-model-dancer-but what I really want to do is direct/ can cry on cue/ and it shoots salad! just 19.99$ order now! Let me know....

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